Manga Recommendation!

Manga Recommendation!

Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu Manga (Josei , Romance)


Aoishi Hanae is a 33-year-old woman who has a job, but no boyfriend. In fact, she’s also still a virgin. It’s not that she never had a chance to lose her virginity, but she let the chance pass by. At a drinking party with her colleagues, Hanae ends up confiding in Tanokura Yuto, a handsome young 21-year-old part timer at her company who also attends college, and who has recently broken up with his girlfriend.

After reading this Manga , interesting when the boy tells that “Unreqruited Love with this person”  and also I love the character design and how it is delivered I suggest that you must read this Manga or else you’ll regret it.

Dice Manga(Romantic Comedy)


2nd year Junior High schooler, Misaki is in love with Mutou-kun in her class. But the one he loves is the class idol, Kuririn. However, Misaki doesn’t need to be depressed. She’s got other options…!?

Who do you want to chose ? the person you love but you cannot guarantee if he is inlove with you or the second option where the person is inlove with you but you don’t love him ? If I’m given the chance to choose maybe .. the person I’m inlove with (laugh)


Takane to Hana Manga(Romantic Comedy)

1802When Hana replaces her sister at an omiai (like a goukon, but for marriage) little does she expect to be insulted and called plain and flat-chested by the handsome and older Takane! Furious, she turns the tables on him by accepting the match instead of rejecting him. How will these two ever find love?

– A hotshot man who had a cute expression and a girl who is younger than him but think maturely , if you love reading manga that girls are brave so read this (laugh)


Sabaku no Harem (Romantic Comedy , Historical)


She is a type of woman who hate royalty and accidentally she met this prince by a certain situation and because of that she became a concubine of the Prince.

Because of her defiance , the prince became interested in her and she realize that the prince is the most dangerous creature in earth(laugh) but as time goes by she realize that the prince is different than the other royalties so then .. I recommend you guys to read this Manga so that you will know the whole story ..(laugh)


Kaichou-sama ga Fiance de Manga(Romance , Smut )


A story about a friendly cool student council president and his popular vice president
But the secret between these two is……they are fiancee.

If the person you love the most became your fiancee ? It would be the most happy ending if it is happen , but let say the person you love became your fiancee and had two faces would accept him ?



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