Things that I love in the Anime

Things that I love in the Anime

List of things that I love about anime. Since grade school I started watching anime, what it catches my eye is that the colorful background animation (when I was in grade school) I don’t know about the plot but I just love watching anime that has an action or something funny even though I don’t understand a thing about that specific anime.

Here’s the list of things that I love in Anime :

  • Characters : Whenever I watch an anime , I always observe the characters if its good or bad because it has an impact in series right? And also the most interesting part is that you could somewhat relate yourself on that Ani’series just like me! I could relate myself on a specific anime but I will not state what title of anime (laugh) Tell me ! If you are watching an anime you, yourself also could relate to the character right ? Whenever the character had embarrassed situation, you also react right like “Don’t Do that !” or “If I were you must do this” or “ugh ! what a lame , if I am the character I will not do that !” (Yes ! Yes ! I am also experience that ).
  • Plot : Yes! the main important part is the plot, what’s the story made of and how it will end or how it will start or how the story goes right? Yes! At first I’m not really into plot as long I enjoy the series then its okay but it has changed when I jump in college days where most of the anime series plot are starting to be cliche that is then I started watching gore, action, mystery anime and the output is good. Its good to be particular in plot because we have different taste in Anime just like MiraStrauss my co-otaku friend who loves Ecchi and Fantasy  while me, on the other hand, interested in Sports , Gore and Yaoi (My Top List of Genre). Everytime I watched the anime I always tell to myself that “Naah this anime’s similar to ” or “Cliffhanger” or much worse “Cliche Anime” even though other viewers appreciate that anime. However, I can’t enjoy it, most of people have different tastes.
  • Uniforms & School : If I was just in japan  I can wear that uniform, vest, skirt and the rooftop! I always pray that someday I could live in Japan so I can wear those uniforms ! Yes I love the uniform in Japan! that’s why every time I watch anime I always look at their uniform, how cool they are ❤ including the school and  rooftop.
  • Cherry Blossom : At my very young age I thought there was no other than color aside from green and brown when I started watching an anime that’s the time I realized  I was wrong because there Sakura and other trees that has different colors , for the cherry blossom what it attracted me the most is the leaf of it , the pink color petal that fall on the ground and the main protagonist is looking at it ! Nyaaaaaaa ~ I want to experience that too, dating under the cherry blossom sounds good right ? Nyayaya.
  • Technology : To think of it , Anime had this futuristic ideas about technology just like Robots and android , the time when it wasn’t invented in reality, in the anime was already there and also the science in Anime is more interesting than in reality (laugh) in my own opinion , now that reality is coping up in Anime , why ? you see , smartphones are already upgrading into a very thick one and well it’s not surprise for me If someday they will invent a time-machine.
  • Opening Song and Ending Song  : Yes ! What it makes good in anime is the Op Song and Ending Song , I always play the OP and sing it ! (but first I prepare lyrics) and the ending song , if the ani’episode is going to end I’ll always play it to the end , it so good to listen if the song harmonizing on the scene right ? Right to kokoro ❤ .
  • Japanese Language : the first japanese language I learn is “Ohayou !” and “Gomene” , “Baka” , “Aho” common language in anime , yes because of anime I learn how to speak in japanese(just the basic) just like “Ogenki desu ka ?” or “Anatta dare ?” .

To sum it up , I love Anime because….. it is anime and I’m proud to be anime lover ❤

Created By : Natsume Guru

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