How To Be A Certified Anime Lover

How To Be A Certified Anime Lover

Do you have what it takes to be certified Anime Lover or Otaku? If you still can’t decide, then these might be useful tips showing if you are certified Anime lover. Please be guided that all of these are composed by myself.


          It sounds new, right? I fetched the title from one of my classmates. Animethon or Anime Marathon helps you to be obsessed with an anime drastically. So when you become obsessed, you’ll probably love the anime that you’ve been watching. In Animethon, you remembered all scenes, characters, plot, and a climax of the story and it will end up by sharing it with your friends, classmates, and acquaintance. This might be one of the effective ways to become a certified Anime Lover.

Read Manga All The Time

      I don’t’ usually read the manga because I don’t feel the excitement of the story, perhaps each chapter takes a week or months before it published. I only interested to read in the manga if I get too excited to know the scenes in anime. Manga’s ahead than Anime. So reading manga leads you to be certified otaku. This might be one of your potential assets that make you feel proud of your other co-otaku.

Feel free to research

        You’ll probably curious to know the background of the anime, right? So with the help of researching specifically on Google or Bing, you can use it as a reference to see that information. This will indicate how you are interested in a certain anime. This might be able to call yourself as anime lover.

Speak Japanese

      We’re not too experts to practice all those words. However, it’s quite inevitable saying or writing a single word in Japanese for everybody, right? HAHA! I can relate to it. I usually speak basic Japanese language like sorry (gomenasai), good morning (ohayo gozaimasu) etc. It’s shown how much we are interested in them.

Buying your own collection CDs or DVDs or anime collection items

      You were showing how much you love the anime intensely. So, of course, you love to share it with your friends, classmates, and acquaintance. We all knew that we collected our favorite anime or manga items for remembrance.

Be active on social media

Do you social media accounts? You can use it for having a lot of friends. Most of Anime Lovers are friendly.

Be a Cosplayer

If possible, be a Cosplayer, when you love anime, you really wanted to portray to everyone right? You wanted to show how much you love your favorite character. And I think, all the Cosplayers started to be obsessed with anime through watching anime or reading manga all the time. Nevertheless, you cannot become a Cosplayer without watching or knowing your character indeed. So, start watching anime or doing a brief research on  it.

How about you? what makes you be a certified anime lover?


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