10 Sentimental And Heartwarming Anime Scenes That Made You Cry! – Animacsoft 101

10 Sentimental And Heartwarming Anime Scenes That Made You Cry! – Animacsoft 101

Yo, Mina-san! I’m trying to think of a topic that I need to write in. Now, my mind is fully empty. It’s like I was unconscious at all. I’m trying to squeeze out my mind to look for a topic. And all of a sudden, a core inside my brain abruptly enlighted. Anyway, the topic that I will share with you since all of us are mostly sentimental when it comes watching in an anime is about Sentimental or Emotional scenes that made you teary-eyed and deeply inspired.

But before we delve into a topic I’d like to remind you that all these lists solely belong to my own tenets. This article may also contain spoilers!

So, Let’s get started! With No Particular Order.

1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is one of the best shoujo anime way back in 2010. And yet, there are some scenes that make us teary-eyed. I must admit,  in 45 episodes  that were shown up, this  was the heartbreaking scene that I have seen so far.  It was like ‘urgh! WTF! how dare he do that to his own son?!’. And that time, my tears started to pouring down and thinking how I abhor the man behind in terrible experimentation.

2. Attack on Titan: No Regrets 

No doubts why this scene includes in my list. In eight OVAs, I must say, this was very unforgivable and heartbreaking scene. It was like someone sneaks to stab my heart. And I wasn’t surprised why Levi Arcken has that kind of personality because of this dark past that was shown up in the show. Not to mention, It conned me to like him even though I personally don’t like him.  But the last episode proves me that he deserves to be admired.

3. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

After a long, long time searching for Menma. This scene blows me away. And at the same time, it keeps me love this show. It was a hopeful and heartbreaking scene that most of us got teary-eyed. I know some of you were still crying on this show and couldn’t get over in the ending. Even myself, I still can’t get over…

4. Fairy Tail

You probably heard Fairy Tail, right? I know the first thing that crossed in your mind is all about fantasy, magic, wizards, adventure etc.  But nothing beats the sentimental and emotional scenes of this show. This scene was shown during Grand Magic Games Arc. She casts the taboo spell causing greatly aged. The moment I saw this scene I was filled with emotions. Because I usually see her aura as fierce as a beast.

5. Angel Beats!

Urgh!  What else can I say to this anime? Seeing this scene leads me to sorrow. It really makes me cry indeed. A heartwarming scene that constantly affects your heart. Until, I still can’t get over with the epilogue.

6. Sakurasou no pet na Kanojo

Sakurasou no pet na kanojo was undeniably stunning! you might be wondering why I include this scene? Yes! I intentionally include this show, because the painting frame shown in this scene. It was touching and filled with emotions that even myself couldn’t restrain it. The painting frame made by Mashiro Shiina shows the residents in  Sakura Dormitory. It’s like showing what character has been added or joined in the story. You’ll know what I meant for this frame. Still one of the best scene!

7. Elfen Lied

Yep! No mistaken. Elfen Lied must include in my list. Because of the heartwarming ending! You know, it’s like I couldn’t express my emotion. And yet, I was like ‘I badly need this season 2’.

8. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

Urgh! Though I haven’t finished this show. I still can’t get over with  previous episodes. I must admit, I was spoiled by someone. But it doesn’t matter to me. 🙂 Seeing this scene it’s like saying “bye Miyazono, Kaori” huhuhu!Akame

9. Akame ga Kill

I know some of you would disagree but I insist on including this one. And I have foreseen that all members are going to die. Aside she’s my fav character anime. This scene makes me teary-eyed and outburst. It’s like someone broke up with me :p

10. Death Note

Until now, I still can’t get over why L dies in front of Kira?!! It really makes me cry. We all know that L suspects Light Yagami as Kira. But how come he did kill him?! Still one of the best scenes.


That concludes my list. I know there were tons of anime scenes out there that could make you cry. But I choose what’s the best for me. Still need to watch drama anime like NANA, LITTLE BUSTERS, and CLANNAD: AS.  

What about you? What’s your Sentimental And Heartwarming Anime Scenes That Made You Cry? Can you share with me? 



22 thoughts on “10 Sentimental And Heartwarming Anime Scenes That Made You Cry! – Animacsoft 101

    1. Hi, Otaku-kun! Trigun? I haven’t seen that anime, I’ll check it later. Anyway, I have watched the first season of Clannad. It was boring. But someone told me that the After Story Arc is awesome and greatly heartwarming anime :/ is it nice?

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      1. Trigun is a space western. The main hero is a goofy character, but things get serious in the later episodes. Back in the day Trigun was well liked, although I have no idea if it has aged well.

        You can probably skip Clannad After Story if you disliked season one. The second season is when the heart breaking stuff happens, but if you don’t like the characters there is little reason to go through another twenty plus episodes.

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      2. Ah. I see thanks, Otaku-kun 🙂 I’ll definitely watch Trigun, not now but soon 🙂 Nonetheless, yes, I was actually planning to skip the first season of Clannad. But I’m a bit reluctant. Because I may not be able to grasp the whole story. And I think I must be patient watching the show. I know Clannad After Story is very heartwarming anime. I should watch it as soon as I can.


  1. I totally agree with you in Akame ga Kill. She too is my favorite character. So I was really disappointed that the moment I declared her as my favorite she then died moments later.
    And indeed those moments you mentioned above really made me cry. But aside from those, I have to mention Clannad After Story because that really made me cry so much that my eyes felt numb afterwards. Other series that made me cry are Code Geass ending, Fushigi Yuugi, K-On! Movie, Kokoro Connect, Little Busters, Nana, NHK ni Youkoso!, and many more. I really love anime drama because they trigger my emotions.

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    1. I’m in the middle of watching Trigun and I do recommend watching it as it is a really interesting story with really nice characters. Since I’m enjoying Trigun I suppose it has aged really well. Honestly compared with many contemporary anime, it stacks up very well. I suppose that answers your question Otaku Judge.


  2. Hi, xuei0000-kun or xuei0000-chan! first of all, thank you for reading this article. I really appreciate it 🙂 The moment I saw she’s dying in front of me, I was like I can’t breathe at all. It absolutely broke my heart. hu hu hu! She’s been my favorite girl character ever since I witnessed her dark past.

    Yes, I am planning to watch Clannad After Story. Because my classmates and friends were always recommending that to me. But I still have to manage my time. Because of my hectic schedules. Anyway, thanks for reminding me 🙂

    I had watched the first season of K-On! It was really entertaining to me. But the season 2 and the movie as well were still unwatched. Too bad for me.:(

    I was recommended to watch Little Busters because it was indeed a heartwarming anime. I honestly got stuck in episode 9 because of a lot of chitchats or talking.in the show and so I got bored easily. But I was told to finish it until I reach the ending. Because according to my classmate, it was heartwarming and heartbreaking scene.

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    1. That would be -chan, I supposed. And no problem. I am interested in sentimental moments so I got attracted to your article. 🙂
      For the first season of Clannad, I can pretty much say that it is somewhat boring. This might be a spoiler but the first season focuses on the different possible routes for the main male protagonist’s partner. The other routes were somewhat boring but the other ones were pretty interesting too. Let’s say this is somewhat a fan service for those people rooting for the other girls? LOL. But the second season is the best one. I think it is one of the masterpiece stories an anime and drama lover should never miss. If you wanted to skip the first season, you can just focus on Nagisa’s route since it is the continuation of the second season, Clannad After Story. But I would not recommend skipping the first season though because you will miss most of its characters.
      As for K-On!, nothing really changed that much since the first season because it is a slice of life genre. But there were moments where you can relate to it so I love those moments. It was very touching.
      And yes, Little Busters is another one of those anime which might have a boring story progress just like Clannad. But I think it is worth it until the end. 🙂

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      1. Hi romcongod, I’m pushing myself to watch those series and yet I’m ended up skeptical. But nonetheless, I’m gonna watch it right away since I do have copies from my Exte. Hard Drive. *wink


  3. I totally know what you mean when you feel your mind is empty of ideas for blog posts!

    Anyway, some anime scenes that made me cry: when majin buu heals the blind kid in Dragonball Z, pokemon (actually never cried but got teary eyed many times throughout season 1 of the anime), the fullmetal alchemist where the girl and dog get fused together (didn’t really cry either but felt very sad).

    I can’t really remember any other examples but I usually never full on cry (the Dragonball scene was an exception) but I can get choked up with emotion if the scene impacts me enough.

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    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Dragonball is an exception. It was one of my favorite anime way back in 90’s. However, I had never seen any of sentimental scenes in the show. Maybe, my memory is obscure enough to forget those scenes most especially the latter ones. 🙂

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  4. I remember Death Note and that scene. My jaw dropped when I saw L die. In Akame ga Kill, I was mostly mad than sad. I was sad however to see Sheele die, she look like the sweetest girl in the team :(. The anime that made me cry to would be Clannad, One Piece, and Sword Art Online. I still need to see Angel Beats and probably Anohana. I hear that Anohana will definitely make you cry more than Clannad.

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  5. Good list. Made me teary-eyed remembering some the scenes from this list. I have my own list, but I still agree with the ones here. Nice. Ah, the FMA one gets me everytime.


      1. Ahahaha. I have the list in my head. 😉
        If I’m not feeling too lazy, I’ll turn it into a blog post. . .eventually. Thanks. Keep on blogging, Mira.


  6. I like that scene from Fairy Tail as well.

    But the saddest anime scene I have ever watched is from Sword Art Online. When Kirito (the protagonist) received a message from beyond the grave. I don’t want to say too much here because that’s a spoiler but, if you have already seen the show, you would know which scene I am talking about.


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