Boku dake ga Inai Machi (ERASED) –  Animacsoft 101 Review

Boku dake ga Inai Machi (ERASED) – Animacsoft 101 Review

Before it began to release, I had thought that ERASED has something to do with wiping out the memory of a person. But I was proven wrong. With its exciting mystery concept is probably the reason why I got hooked up. At first, I had thought ERASED would lead me to poke my boredom, but ended up by poking me to be thrilled. When I first watch the ERASED Anime, I was expecting that ERASED will dominate all anime winter season in 2016.  And guess what? My premonition was right. It’s hard to grasp why most of the anime lovers feel discouraged about how it was being unfeatured some important scenes and role of the characters in the anime. There were many valuable scenes and roles in the manga that wasn’t revealed or covered in the anime. But nonetheless, since I am not a voracious reader in the manga. It has nothing to do with my score. Without further ado. Let’s get started!

Anime: ERASED (English) | Boku dake ga Inai Machi  (Japanese)

Genres: Mystery, Psychological, Seinen, Supernatural

Studio: A-1 Pictures

Aired: Jan 8, 2016 to Mar 25, 2016

Type: TV

Overall score: 8.6

Story (8/10)
The story of ERASED is quite good enough to captivate your attention. There’s no doubt why a bunch of people constantly liking this anime because of  its blend of  concepts that had shown. The execution of each episode is well done. I’m always thrilled whenever I watch every episode because of profound mystery behind the story. It blew me away. There’s no such episode that can’t think you deeply. Even myself, I’m trying to figure out who’s the culprit in the anime. While watching ERASED, I have thought I couldn’t catch any pacing issues here. But I was firmly wrong. Yes, the episode 1 to 10, seemed no pacing issues, but when I got in 11 episodes, something bizarre occurred in the story. I totally discouraged from that. I can’t accept the fact that the ending episode did not entertain me either. I suddenly got confused right away. Not to mention, ERASED anime has a resemblance with Steins: Gate and Madoka Magica plot (even though I haven’t watched it yet). And so, I can’t prove the plot contains a unique story.
Characters (9/10)
The characters of ERASED is quite impressive. The development of characters is not fully-developed. And I don’t see any flaws and struggles among characters excluding the main protagonist. However, the role of each character has been applied to make sure the anime is more convincing. To be honest, it seems no characters have been chosen to be my favorite.
Animation (8/10)
The animation of ERASED is positively captivating, though. It’s inevitable to apprehend the negative shapes and colors in all scenes. Sometimes, I often see the shapes of each character and backgrounds in the scene that becomes distorted.

Sample Screenshots (Image source: From My  Facebook fan page). 


Music (9.2/10)
There’s no doubt why this category has topped it. Let’s be honest, the OP and ED songs are suited in anime. The dark presence I’ve felt in the show has indeed appropriated to both OP and ED songs. The melody and soundtracks didn’t let our ear aches and ended up swaying my head while listening.

Opening Song

Ending Song

Enjoyment (9/10)
So far, I greatly enjoyed ERASED anime because of its mystery concept. As I’ve mentioned earlier, I was like a person who willingly to solve the case at all cost. So, that means, I positively enjoyed it. No single episode has escaped despite the flagrant ending.
ERASED Anime has a potential to be an ‘ANIME OF THE YEAR’. And I’m looking forward to it. Obviously, the anime ranked as 20 Winter 2016 Anime Series That Viewers Want to Catch Each Week. What else you’d expect from it? Anyway, if you’re into the mystery genre, then I highly recommend this to you. In the first episode, you can easily get hooked with its dark and investigation scheme. You can’t restrain yourself proceeding in the second episode unless you voluntarily stop it. You may also find out something good interesting in the anime. It has a good impact that captivates me to continue despite the unsightly ending episode. Erased should be nominated as best anime of the year. And I highly anticipated that.  You shouldn’t miss watching this anime. Just give a shot.


What about you? What’s your thoughts regarding this anime?


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