About Me

About Me

Hi Readers,

For the past month or so, I’d been sharing my thoughts regarding with anime. I may not be the best writer as you can image. But I can assure you, I’m good enough to entertain my readers. What comes in my mind why do I started this blog? Well, to tell you the truth, I got this friend whom I admired because I got hooked to her blog. She started to introduce to me her blog at the office. If I remember correctly, her blog is no longer active anymore. And since then, I was indeed inspired by her works. Eventually, It crossed my mind If she could do in blogging, then why can’t I? right? since I’m an avid fan of an anime.

Before, I haven’t clearly discovered Aniblog. It turns out that I don’t have much time to read the blog post.


  • Anime Lover
  • I’m Sedentary and timid  Person
  • Friendly?
  • I eat all kinds of food except OKKRA and DURIAN which can only be discovered solely in our country.
  • Dancer(?)
  • KPOP Lover
  • Programmer
  • Enthusiastic OBSERVER

One thing that pushes me through my blogging career is that I have to enhance my communication skill. Thus, I ended up reading some blog post from my fellow bloggers. And eventually, It became my habit as well. Like what I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m timid or shy type person. I don’t even want to express my thoughts to everybody. This may be one of the reasons why I started this blog, to communicate with fellow anime lovers around the world. Mira is just a pen name.

Sometimes, it is inevitable to have grammatical errors in my article so please be aware of it. I still need to improve it. I found myself, I could speak a little bit in The Japanese Language because of plenty anime that I’d been watching since 10. But those are just basic expressions.

Would you believe me that all anime lovers are friendly? If yes, I want you to be my friend 🙂 ❤

Nevertheless, Animacsoft 101 was started on November 23, 2015, as my official blog. Now, have you guys might be wondering why the title of this blog is “Animacsoft101”? then here it is,

Ani” refers to Anime.

mac” refers to my Last Name.

soft” refers to an Intangible Object which relates to my course.

101” refers to the basic/beginner.

What will you expect from this blog?

  • News
  • Trends
  • Manga
  • Reviews
  • Latest/Old Anime and Mangaka

I feel so excited that finally I could share a lot of stuff in anime. So, minna! hontoni arigatou gozaimasu! Please share your love with my blog. Love lots 🙂 ❤

If you guys want to be part of my blog, I encourage you to join with me. Just only drop your message to me, and use Contact link. I’ll respond to you ASAP.

Best Regards,




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