Grave Of The Fireflies – Animacsoft 101 Review

Grave Of The Fireflies – Animacsoft 101 Review

We never pay much attention to our history and government. Particularly, in the midst of war. We only just know how they have drastically fought our country against foreigns. And we considered them as a hero. But what makes us more teary-eyed and deeply inspired? Well, I think the story behind of each of victims in the war. Because we barely witnessed the backstory from them. Seeing people dying in front of us could break our hearts. And that’s what this show got hooked me up! Grave Of The Fireflies made me realized how life was essential and hard during Word War II. I’m still thinking how life was hard before, aren’t you? I probably die from there. Although, It didn’t make me teary-eyed. I was indeed inspired and deeply broke my heart. The show is very heartwarming that everyone needs to watch. I personally don’t give a review of classic anime, but I strongly insist. Because Grave Of The Fireflies is rare movie that totally engrossed us.

Anime: Grave of the Fireflies (English) | Hotaru no Haka (Japanese)

Genres: Drama, Historical

Studio: Studio Ghibli

Aired: Apr 15, 1988

Duration: 1 hr. 28 min.

Type: Movie

Overall score: 9.36

Plot (from Mal):

Seita and his four-year-old sister Setsuko are collateral damage of World War II bombings in Japan. Their home, their mother, their bright future. All taken away from them in a swift enemy raid. Both too young to understand the severity of their situations, Seita and Setsuko fill their hearts with hope – the only thing that can mend the emotional trauma caused by their devastating situation. However, hope can only get you so far, as it turns out that war forces even good people to make hard decisions. How long will hope keep Seita and Setsuko moving forward? Is the light of a firefly bright enough to guide them to happiness once again?

Story (10/10):

The story of Grave Of The Fireflies is excellent. There’s no doubt why Grave Of The Fireflies had two live-action movies because of the remarkable and unique story that has been shown up in the movie. And by seeing this show, I truly more appreciate the culture of Japanese and how they normally live. It was an evident that the story depicts about the crisis facing between two countries and ended up in a ruthless war. The Japanese government was undeniably facing this crisis. And two young siblings were among of them who have faced this kind of harsh environment. When US Air Force was fire bombing Japanese cities, a lot of people died and buried. And the mother of Seita and Setsuko was amongst them. This was the reason why Seita force to care her little sister. Because his father is far away and serving in the Japanese navy. And although they have an aunt to take care of them, they were forced to leave because her unfair manner. Apparently, they got new shelter to lived in. When I first saw the movie, I felt bored and almost dropped it because of its plenty conversations. But as you go deeper and deeper, it becomes more interesting and fulfilling. I noticed that the atmosphere surrounds the movie has brought me saddened. Well, there’s no pacing issue encountered.

Character (9.8/10)

The two main protagonists here are the two siblings, Seita and Setsuko who brought the show sentimental and heartwarming indeed. I really admire Seita for taking care her little sister with unconditional love. What made me inspired utmost is that Seita never gives up her little sister despite illness and how he did everything just to survive. Seita is truly an amazing brother. Setsuko is really adorable and lively sister. And I don’t care if everyone sees her as an annoying child. In fact, I was more inspired by helping his brother to find foods in order to survive. I can say, the characters are stunning as always. The flaws have also shown in the movie.

Seita  – A 14-year-old boy. Seita is responsible, mature, and tough. Since his dad is away fighting in the war, he is responsible for all the jobs his father would normally take, including caring for his younger sister, Setsuko. Seita’s main fault is his pride, which can cause him to make wrong decisions.
Setsuko - A 4-year-old girl. Setsuko completely adores her older brother Seita. She is innocent and cheerful, and at times naïve to the terrors of war around her.
Setsuko – A 4-year-old girl. Setsuko completely adores her older brother Seita. She is innocent and cheerful, and at times naïve to the terrors of war around her.
















Animation (9/10)

The Grave Of The Fireflies was released in 1988. So, the art style and animation were expected to be stale. I’ll score this category by not referring the current year but in the year of 80’s. And If I were lived in 1988 and doing this review, of course, I put a whopping score for this category. And now, if you’re nurtured in 80’s you probably give a whopping score for this show.

Sample Screenshots (Image source: From My Otaku’s Facebook Account)


Music (9/10)

The music behind of this movie is truly exceptional. It absolutely suited in the show. And words can’t express my appreciation to this music towards the show. The title of Opening Theme is “Setsuko and Seita” by Michio Mamiya. While “Futari” by Michio Mamiya for Ending Theme. Although, there are unusual sounds you heard. It doesn’t change my score.

Opening Song Theme

Ending Song Theme

Enjoyment (9/10)

The enjoyment I felt from this show is incomparable. You know, from the start till you reach the end was greatly enjoyed. As I’ve said, at the beginning, you might see it as dullness, so just be patient and pay your attention to the story. It will hook you. I swear 🙂


The Grave Of The Fireflies is considered as a Masterpiece that everyone needs to watch. If you’re curious about the Japanese era, you’ll definitely into this one. This is one my favorite historical genre so far, aside from Rurouni Kenshin. The movie will break your heart and deeply inspired. The love shared between these two siblings is something remarkable for me. Please give a shot for this realistic movie.


How about you? Let me know your insights about Grave of the Fireflies.


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    1. Hi Senpai, me too, Setsuko is so cheerful and yet. HUHU! poor girl. I still can’t get over with this movie. And the first thing that interests me in deciding whether to watch an anime or not is its art style and animation. But Grave Of The Fireflies is truly priceless! I greatly enjoyed the show as if it squeezed my heart.


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