Bubuki Buranki – Animacsoft 101 Review

Bubuki Buranki – Animacsoft 101 Review

Yo! Minna! I’m back! It’s been a while since I last posted my review for an anime. I really miss it. So today, since I love blogging. I had given a chance to kill my time to make a review for an Anime. Bubuki Buranki brought me into saddened. The fact it’s having an unsightly Computer-generated imagery (CGI for short) animation, I am certain that I’m not into 3D anime since I was a child. It’s really hard to grasp why a lot of anime lovers have dropped this series. Just like me, perhaps because of its CGI I think. I intentionally not to drop it. In fact, I continue to watch it until I reached the last episode. Do you have an idea? Well, I believe we had notions and preferences in choosing an anime, right? Nonetheless, I’ve been exaggerated to jot down my review for Bubuki Buranki Anime because of its surprising scenes and relationship of the characters as well.

Anime: Bubuki Buranki

Genres:  Action, Drama, Mecha, Sci-Fi


Aired: Jan 9, 2016 to Mar 26, 2016

Overall score: 8.2


The story of Bubuki Buranki isn’t new to me. It may not have an original plot you’ve witnessed out there. On the contrary, it’s good enough to keep me hooked up. As I watched, I’ve noticed that some scenes were just too predictable indeed like how Azuma Crew beat up the Four Gods of Reko-sama spontaneously. However, despite having a common story, I found out the story is an unexplainable that will lead you to become hyped and bizarre. The main point of the story is to find and revive Oubu. I don’t see pacing issue.

Character (8/10)

The characters are the most interesting part of the show. In just six episodes long, they have shown up a bit flaws and backstory of each of the characters. Taneomi, Shizuru is one of my most favorite anime main protagonists in the series. She nailed it! She’s pretty strong despite being an introvert person amongst the group. As for character development, it could have been improved more.

Taneomi, Shizuru
Taneomi, Shizuru

Animation (8/10)

At first, I didn’t even appreciate the animation/art style because of 3D effects from the show. But as you go deeper, you’ll give more compliments about it. The animation of Bubuki Buranki isn’t bad at all. It’s just like, you’re unlucky that you are not a fan of 3D anime. But generally, it could have been well-drawn in normal art style, like ERASED or KONOSUBA. I must admit that Bubuki Buranki animation is worse than Ajin. Don’t get me wrong, Bubuki Buranki animation is quite good compared to Ajin. However, Ajin is better than Bubuki Buranki.

Sample Screenshots:

Music (10/10)

The music behind in Bubuki Buranki is undeniably exceptional! From its OP theme song to ED theme song, they got my whopping score for this category. The OP is entitled “Beat Your Heart” by Konomi Suzuki in which perfectly suited in the anime. They manage to maintain the sound lively and pleasing to the ears of the audience. The ED theme is entitled Anger by Myth&Roid which was obviously a rock song that will blow you away. This deserves to have a perfect score for me.

“Beat Your Heart” by Konomi Suzuki

“Anger” by Myth&Roid

Enjoyment (8/10)

To be honest, one thing that decides me whether the anime is good or not is its the enjoyment possessed by the show. This was after watching a lot of classic anime from a couple of weeks ago. As for the enjoyment, I greatly enjoyed it. I love the surprising fight-battle scenes and how Auzunas crew gathered together to revive Oubu.


Maybe some of you, you’ll get disappointed with its CGI. But engrossing yourself in the whole story will somehow enlighten you to love the anime. There were countless reasons why we enjoyed anime. For instance, we enjoyed anime because of its animation. We enjoyed anime because of its concept of the story or characters. But what’s more, important is that you need to focus yourself on the whole series mentally. Focus your mind and ask yourself if this anime is good or not?. Buburaki is something good to be recommended for a 3D anime. It has surprising scenes that couldn’t help but amazed. Something you may find this boring. But afterward, you’ll use to get into it. Please give a shot for this show.


How about you? what’s your thoughts regarding in this anime?




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      1. Thanks. I’ll put it on my ultra-long to-watch list. I’m currently watching an anime and focusing on it, so other anime will have to wait. But this looks interesting. I’ll check it out one of these days. Thanks.

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