Anime Recommendation That You Should Watch

Anime Recommendation That You Should Watch

Hey Guys , I know some of you want to look for anime that is worth watching for so here’s the list the I could give as much as you like ..

Action /Shounen / Gore

  1. Fullmetal Alchemist – have I ever told you guys that I am a fan of Fullmetal Alchemist ! Yes , proudly saying that I love this Anime , it is my childhood anime (felt like want to watch it again) I love how the characters been created by the Mangaka Arakawa Hirumo(One of my fav. Mangaka) to be told I love series that has a plot twist coz it gives more entertainment just like this anime and why I love this Anime is because of the life Story of being an alchemist and also I always cried remembering that episode 3 where a state alchemist made his daughter and his pet become a chimera.
  2. Hunter x Hunter –  as for this Anime , I know that you already familiar and for my favorite character is Hisoka (laugh) I dunno if he is a masochist or sadist and of course I ship them Gon x Hisoka , Killua x Gon (laugh for girls who love shipping BL)
  3. Magi – it turns out to be a very good anime , though my fav. character became a villain in the end of the season but I love it ! (Magi Season 2 , Magi Ova Sinbad)
  4. Ansatsu Kyoushitsu – so for this Anime , I love kuro-sensei for sure 100% he might act a stupid one but he is the most dangerous creature that you must avoid to angry with , the character design and the attitude  , the plot , the animation , it has a good adaption so hopefully on the second season it could be the same(smile)
  5. World Trigger – I love action anime , so that’s why I love this but one thing what a little disappointment is the character design that weird draw , but all in all I like the story.
  6. Shingeki no kyojin – this one , I love titans. I love potato . first thing first the character design are so close to humans but I like it and then the Characters though sometimes I hate the main character but it is all part of the story , just to short it out the story is amazing.
  7. Parasyte – from a plain one became to a hawty that is Shinichi (opps don’t imagine bishounen) this story is all about parasyte that eat brains and parts of human or they want to take it over but sadly Migi(parasyte of Shinichi) failed to eat his brain and then the story starts.
  8. Gansta – if you love gang  then you should watch this Anime , friendship , status , discrimination , deaf and drama , ugh I just remember Nicolas .. Guys watch this .
  9. Durarara! –  just like Gangsta , it is all about a group but what it makes interesting is that this certain  group is being lead by a boy who just want a peaceful life (?) I dunno he had this character that he wants to do something interesting , but don’t like violence (laugh) but all in all package this anime is good and the characters are very interesting. #DOLLARS Durarara! Second Season
  10. Btoom! – RPG to reality , that is the story of this anime , not just like the other anime but this is truly in REALITY when you want to dispose someone , just write his name on a paper then someone will make it come true and those people who are being disposed must play this game called “”BTOOM! “” different types of bombs , bloodshot ..
  11. Arslan Senki – a young boy and his knight adventures towards conquering his kingdom but how ? and it starts , this is one of Arakawa’s Creation. and the Second Season is not yet announce  so let’s wait for it but I hope that it will have a second season ! I hoping ! Let’s Pray Guys


  1. Anohana – circle of friendship
  2. Fruitbasket – being left out. what it feels like that you are not belong ? It would be sad right ?
  3. Gakuen Alice – how to handle a bad -ass
  4. Akatsuki no Yona – changing yourself for the sake of others , being betrayed by the person you love.
  5. Tonari no Kaibutsu – a monster that has no control , happy go lucky meets this girl who had a poker face , realistic .
  6. Kaichou-wa Maid Sama – the President and the Campus Crush ! So girls watch it. you would love it.
  7. Itazura na Kiss – how would it feel like living on the same roof with your crush ?
  8. Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii – being engage on a boy , who is a king on his own , you thought the king is old but you realize the one who is sitting on the king’s throne is a boy ! Yes a boy and your fiancee’ exactly how would you react ?
  9. Yamato Nadeshikou – living in a mansion with four handsome boys !
  10. White Album 2 – you are inlove with the person who is inlove with your friend , and that friend is your first friends since you are not sociable , what will you do ? you will just let her have him or not ?


  1. Haikyuu!
  2. Diamond no Ace
  3. Baby Steps

Note : Character in the Feature Image is came from the Manga Kurosaki-kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai 



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