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List of Yaoi Manga

List of Yaoi Manga

People nowadays particularly girls, they were really a die hard fan with YAOI anime/manga. Most of the characters are usually Bishounen that’s why girls are easy to attract. However, there are some who disagree due to beliefs of every religions. People might seeing this as disrespectful so they can’t stand to see the relationship between two men as well Yuri.

I have so many girl-friends that I’ve witnessed when I tend to ask them about choosing between YAOI or YURI. To girls that I asked,  they preferred “YAOI” instead of YURI. On the other hand, when I tend to ask boys, they certainly answer me “YURI” instead of YAOI. So what do you think of it? Evaluate yourself 🙂

To be honest, I’m personally fan of YAOI. I’v been reading manga since I was a kid as well as watching an anime. ❤ So to those who loves YAOI, I’ve conducted my research regarding on it. I believe, I’ve already read this list. So, here’s the list of Yaoi Manga :

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